CMS, Credit Manager Services proposes various outsourcing solutions for your recovery problems.

Why select Credit Manager Services?

Proven solutions

  • More than 8,000 accounts receivable managed
  • Management of a total turnover of more than EUR 86 million
  • An average of 14,000 invoices processed per year
  • More than EUR 51 million cash flow generated

Concrete results

  • 100% reduction in unresolved disputes
  • Reduction in late payments: 11 days gained after 5 months
  • Cash forecasts at 15 days
  • Reduction of 70% of receivables at + 90 days after 5 months
  • Precise monitoring (DSO, forecasts, scrap rate, aged trial balance, cash laws, etc.)

Chose your Credit Manager Services recovery solution

At CMS, our conviction is based on the preventive management of the trade receivables by intervening once the invoice has been issued. For this, we use proven methods and we propose two types of recovery management solutions to you: Recovery totally or partially outsourced.